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About me ……

Thank  you for visiting and taking a look.

My name is Jayne Harvey and I became interested in all things natural when I received a cancer diagnosis in 1996.  I wanted to learn how to support my body naturally through the healing process and found my search found  an Aladdin’s Cave of natural treatments, products and therapies all with the same aim - to create an internal environment where disease cannot exist.

It was during this time that I  stumbled across reflexology in particular which ignited my passion to live a healthier life, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have fallen by the wayside on occasions yet always seem to find my way back, my body instinctively knows what is best for it and it can be a challenge to merge this with the different worlds around us which is where reflexology can assist, by bringing about change as the internal systems balance themselves. I am located in Bedford and practice reflexology both at home and at my local gym, Fitness First in Bedford.

I have written a book about by cancer experience and solution without traditional treatment which is available via email/paypal and I am also a distributor for MonaVie one of the first and best  Acai products. I have tried many ‘Raw’ Food’  recipes and include some in my daily life still.

Take a look around the portfolio section for more information on all subjects.

May I be just a stepping stone on your journey to vibrant health or we connect together for joint venture I wish you the very best and maybe we will meet in the future.