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"It was quite foreign to me that a diet of completely organic food, coupled with positive health affirmations and coffee enemas as I seem to remember had the ability to complete Jayne’s journey to restored health. I marvelled at Jayne’s complete conviction that an alternative method of treatment would do the job of ridding her body of any unwanted visitors. Contrary to the usual devastating effects of conventional medicine Jayne went from strength to strength - a truly inspirational story illustrating just how amazing we can be."

Charmaine Cooper

"Jayne, you touched my life in a very special way today. I now realise what was making my tumour markers rise and have stopped eating the foods that were feeding my cancer and I use a very different language now.  Your recovery is really inspiring to me. I am filled with renewed hope, your book is definitely going to help me.  You really are an Angel  !!!!! "

South Africa